Synonyms and related words:
ambulation, backpacking, cautious, circumspect, claudicant, crawling, creeping, creeping like snail, deliberate, easy, faltering, flagging, foot-dragging, footing, footing it, footwork, gentle, going on foot, gradual, halting, hiking, hitchhiking, hitching, hobbled, hobbling, hoofing, idle, indolent, languid, languorous, lazy, legwork, leisurely, limping, lumbering, marching, moderate, pedestrianism, perambulation, poking, poky, relaxed, reluctant, sauntering, shuffling, slack, slothful, slow, slow as death, slow as molasses, slow as slow, slow-crawling, slow-foot, slow-going, slow-legged, slow-moving, slow-paced, slow-poky, slow-running, slow-sailing, slow-stepped, sluggish, snail-paced, snaillike, staggering, strolling, tentative, thumbing, thumbing a ride, toddling, tortoiselike, tottering, tramping, treading, trudging, turtlelike, unhurried, waddling, walking

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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